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Duality Review

Duality refers to the presence of two personalities in one being. Many people are unaware of the depth of Duality. Duality is described as that which exists simultaneously in our minds and bodies. Duality brings about a spiritual transformation.

The human being has two parts: the physical and spiritual. Physical being consists of the body and its functions, while spiritual aspect comprises of our inner being and spiritual beliefs. If you think of the physical body as incomplete without a soul then you are fully aware of the truth of Duality. We are made up of a physical body and soul at the same time. Hence, it can never be complete without the other.

What Is Duality?

Our physical bodies are constantly interacting with our energetic body or mind through the five senses. We use these senses to receive information from the outer world, however, we cannot actually perceive anything until we get inside our physical bodies. This interaction through Duality creates a vibration in our physical bodies that we become aware of. This is the vibration of what we call “awareness”. The idea of consciousness means that we have a separate life from our physical existence. Therefore, we can only be aware of ourselves and our physical existence at the same time.

When we are awake, our brainwaves emit a specific frequency of brainwaves that are recorded in our brain. Our brainwaves also determine how much energy we have within us. If we are deeply relaxed or asleep our brainwaves will slow down and our consciousness will not be in a continuous state of alertness. When we wake up, the brainwaves are faster and we notice a tremendous difference when our attention is directed towards an object, and we pick up its energy.

How Does Duality Work?

We live in two separate lives; the conscious life which are our true Self, and the subconscious life which are our inner-world or the Carousel of thoughts and desires. The conscious world is where our brains and consciousness operate, and where any particular thought vibrates within our physical world. In this plane of operation, everything vibrates at a certain frequency and nothing else. On the other hand, the subconscious operates below the conscious level and is where bad and dangerous habits, such as addictions, are formed. On the conscious level, our brains and consciousness do not distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, etc., therefore the ideas of right and wrong, right and evil are merely meaningless mental states, and are therefore not perceived as such by our conscious self.

This is why it is easy for bad thoughts to take hold and form into habit. They are perceived as such and thus become habitual. If we are in a stressful situation and the brain emits an extra high brainwave frequency, the energy field that we are operating in will be strengthened and will support the habit much more than if we were to operate in a more relaxed state. This is why most people have a hard time getting out of their own way, despite all their efforts. While they are aware that what they are doing is bad, they simply cannot bring themselves to change their thinking and their behaviour.To illustrate the effects of Duality on our consciousness divide consciousness firstly in its two levels: the conscious and the subconscious.

Features Of Duality

  • Locating a mentor is one of the best ways to achieve your goal. Mentors could be people who are doing the same things you want to do.
  • A teacher is someone who has done everything you need. A duality technique-certified expert who has been there and has a lot of experience may be someone you can ask for advice.
  • These are just a few of many amazing self-healing methods on the market. Breathing is the first self-healing method we’ll discuss.
  • If you want to be able to manage psychological stress, you must learn to breathe normally.
  • You can do this by taking deep, controlled breaths. This process can be repeated twenty times until you feel satisfied with your results.


  • Continuing Your Journey
  • Q&A Audio Library
  • Incredible Daily Meditations
  • Energy Healing Fast Start Guide


  • Duality System offers a 60-day money back guarantee to ensure buyer satisfaction.
  • You can also go the opposite direction, which is the path of energy, vitality, inner harmony, and balance.
  • It is possible to learn how to open your mind to intuition and spiritual gifts quickly.
  • You can live a fulfilled life with the help of synchronism, significant coincidences and other means that will allow you to achieve what you desire.
  • A life filled with love, joy, abundance, joy and pleasure is possible.
  • You can show your soulmate your love, your wealth, and all that you desire.


  • You may not be able to follow the instructions or use the methods correctly if you are lazy.
  • Access to the Duality System cannot be made without internet access.


Duality plays itself out. On the subconscious level, we are less aware of the events and experiences of everyday life, although we may become aware of the existence of these events from an extrasensory perception, like dreams. It may seem like Duality is against our nature, yet it is actually our nature. What we choose to focus on and to work through can greatly influence our overall quality of life.We are constantly learning more about Duality, but it is still unclear exactly how to approach this subject. One thing we do know is that Duality plays an important part in our lives.

In a world where identity is slowly being dismantled, and where new identities are starting to take form, Duality is a key to creating a sense of self and one’s place in the world, despite individuality. Although Duality was not made to benefit the ego, it is still causing problems for those who try to live in a vacuum, isolated from others. Although Duality cannot be avoided, as it is part of the fabric of reality, there are ways we can work to affect its impact, and Duality consciousness is the starting place to do this.

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