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Individualogist Review

The Individualogist has been a popular tool with those interested in psychology. In fact, it has been used for decades and has been refined to a level where it can identify specific personality types and their common ground in psychological research. For the purposes of this article, the Individual Personality Diagnostic Question (IPD) has been used as the reference frame for assessing personality and psychotherapy. The Individualogist consists of twelve sections that are designed to assist with assessing personality and mental health. This includes:

The Individualogist archetypes provide an effective way for revealing our inner truth. These archetypes, after all, are what define us. They can reveal our innermost thoughts, desires, needs, and goals. If we find that we possess a particular pattern, we can use the individualist archetype test to discover that pattern. Once uncovered, it will reveal our true selves, and how we can transform our true selves into our perceived or desired self.

What Is Individualogist?

The Individualogist can also provide a framework through which to examine our relationships and our interactions with others. One such model is the Premium Archetype Analysis. In this model, the primary individual archetype, which is your true self, is represented by the symbol of the rose. As these types represent the primary self, they have a premium on being true. In addition, the rose has a negative charge, representing what we do not want our true selves to become.

In order to achieve the Individualogist state, we must first move away from this false self and embrace our true self. This is done through individuation. Individuation occurs when we recognize our shadow self, the part of ourselves that does not desire the security, wealth, and other benefits of being a white collar citizen, while at the same time being drawn toward the more dangerous aspects of our ancestral (ancestor) cultures. By developing the concept of individuation, we then begin to identify with and join with our true and natural instincts, talents, and behaviors.

How Does Individualogist Works?

The next archetype in the Individualogist spectrum is the Hero archetype. The hero archetype is represented by a person whose greatest strength, value, and intention are derived from their great inner desire and personal destiny. The Hero archetype enables the individual to take on many roles and face many different kinds of obstacles. Individual writers who belong to the category of the Hero archetype utilize numerous devices, including the Miracle, the Unexpected, and the Madness.The final archetypes in the Individualogist are the Fairy, the Witch, and the Warlock. These individual archetypes are usually drawn to each other because of commonalities in form, function, and desire. Some authors draw from several of these archetypes simultaneously in order to bring forth new characters and provide a richer perspective for understanding. A common characteristic that all of these individual archetypes share is an absence of any kind of fixed or primary sense or motivation.

In the Individualogist premium archetypes study, there is a clear separation between the conscious mind, which is the higher self, and the subconscious, which are your animal instinct. Because there is no interference, the conscious self cannot push out the sub-conscious, which will always come back to its own self. You can test this in yourself by imagining that you are the Author of this material. If you cannot think of anything original in this material, or if you find it to be completely bumbling, you have passed into your animal state. When you recognize this, and if you know that you are the Author of all that is said here, it then becomes easier to realize that you should not give in to your animal instincts, but you should instead keep your head and push forward with Original Thinking, which is the archetypal act of the Individual in charge of Original Thought, or what the famous social philosopher Aristotle taught us, the agendum. In other words, the belief that our thoughts and feelings come from the brain rather than the heart, and that they are not the product of our experiences or our environment.

What Will You Learn From Individualogist?

  • You are able to find a psychological reaction when you discover the reason for suffering and testing.
  • Individualogist is easily the most exciting guide to learning about the superb and useful presents of your life.
  • You’ve got the capability to fulfill the deepest desires of your heart and soul you have expected.
  • You can attempt to get to understand your personality, your character, and your entire being.
  • Thanks to this system you’ll be able to use whatever you did at the conclusion of the detailed report.


  • Easy analysis and simple to comprehend.
  • it’s available with step-by-step directions for easy understanding of your problems and its alternatives.
  • The concept used herein can be readily implemented to daily life with no problems.
  • It is a really user-friendly guide and everybody can understand it no matter your age.
  • The details are accurate and personalized, so you are able to connect to it easily.
  • It includes a 60-days money-back guarantee which assists in complete satisfaction of the goods.


  • The manual is only available online. And thus, you can’t access it without an internet connection.
  • You want to understand and use the solutions provided for it to operate efficiently.


The Individual is not an emotional being at all; rather, he/she is a rational thinker who is able to think rationally and objectively about the world around them, as well as the world within him/herself. The Individual is an individual who possesses his/her own mind, which is the core of his/her personality and the source of all the emotions and other psychological characteristics that the person may experience. T

his is the true concept on which the Individualogist premium archetype tests are based, and the ability of the individual to detach himself from the effects of his/her experiences is what allows the person to perform these psychological tests. It is only by understanding this concept on a deeper level that the Individual can then go about finding out if he/she has fallen under the influence of any of the following negative influences: peer pressure, peer influence, or peer influence which came from within.

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