If you have a hectic lifestyle, protein shakes are a great method to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. But what to mix with protein powder to make it taste good?

You can add protein powder to smoothies, water, or other liquids to improve its flavor and nutritional content. Smoothies provide a healthy combination of fruits and vegetables while mixing protein powder with milk (almond milk, for example) gives more protein and a creamy texture. 

I will discuss it in detail in this article. 

What to Mix with Protein Powder to Make It Taste Good 8 Effective Ways

Why Are Protein Shakes Flavorless?

The primary cause of the poor taste of protein powders is the use of protein isolates and concentrates in their production. 

They have no lipids or carbohydrates left, giving these protein sources a powdery flavor. They have been stripped of all nutrients to save protein. 

Let’s explore why protein shakes often have an unpleasant taste before delving into what to mix with protein powder to make it taste good.

Artificial flavoring

Businesses frequently add sugar substitutes such as aspartame, saccharin, sucralose, and others that have no calories to their shakes.

Your protein shake will taste terrible since artificial sweeteners don’t taste like the genuine thing and can leave an odd aftertaste on your tongue.

Inappropriate protein-to-liquid ratio

Your shake may taste thick and chalky if you use an excessive amount of protein powder. However, if you use excessive liquid, your shake could become overly thin and watery.

Protein powder of poor quality

Poor-quality protein powder can taste awful in your shake and have an unpleasant aftertaste.

Unpleasant additions

If you add unappealing ingredients to your protein shake, like veggies or spices, it will taste horrible.

Ingredient spoilage

Your protein shake may taste off if some of the ingredients are spoiled.

What to Mix with Protein Powder to Make It Taste Good?

Everyone has had the satisfying experience of consuming a delicious protein shake, only to be let down by one that is lumpy and disgusting. 

So, if you wonder what to mix with protein powder to make it taste good?, there are a few key components that you must understand to create a tasty protein shake. 

  1. Include a sweetener

The brain is greatly affected by sugar. Sugar, according to research, causes the brain to release dopamine, which regulates the reward and control responses. 

Dopamine rushes enhance our ability to perceive rewards and can temporarily increase motivation. Beyond these fitness advantages, sugar is excellent at hiding unpleasant flavors. 

To the sake, try adding a few teaspoons of sugar, syrup, dextrose, honey, chocolate or maltodextrin. However, if you’re cutting back on sugar, consider these healthier options:

Shakes are sweetened and made thicker with peanut butter. Freshly chopped fruit and juice are high in vitamins, fibre, and sweetness. Because of their thick skin and robust flavor, bananas are often consumed. 

Citrus fruits can induce curdling when combined with dairy-based protein powders, so stay away from them.

Use an artificial sweetener if you’re looking for sweetness without extra calories or flavors. Popular choices for sugar substitutes without calories are Stevia and Splenda. 

  1. Change the base liquid

The best way to construct a tasty protein shake or smoothie is to begin with the basics. It’s a good idea to experiment with different bases and powders to see what combination best suits your palate.

The most widely used basis for protein shakes is as follows:

Whole milk: Excellent for eliminating chalkiness and giving your protein shake a creamier texture.

Semi-skimmed milk: Performs well when combined with powders that cause excessively thick shakes.

Milk made from plants: Almond, oat, soy, coconut, or cashew milk can change your shakes’ flavor and consistency.

Fruit juice: Ideal for protein smoothies that are sweet and high in nutrients. 

  1. Incorporate New Fruits and Vegetables

Adding fruits and veggies that complement your other ingredients is the best way to enhance the taste of the protein shake. Depending on which combination you choose, they will provide a variety of nutritional advantages and enhance flavour.

Fruits that are frequently included in protein shakes include:

  • frozen berries
  • bananas
  • Pineapple mangoes apples
  1. Try different flavors and textures

Spices like cinnamon and turmeric, nut butter like peanut and almond, extracts like vanilla and mint, and sugar-free syrups may all elevate your shakes. 

For creaminess, add yogurt or low-fat ice cream; for texture, add nuts or seeds. Try different flavors, such as turmeric or coffee. 

There’s an abundance of flavors to discover, regardless of your preference for a robust turmeric smoothie or a coffee shake reminiscent of Starbucks. Record your experiments so you can refer to them later. 

  1. Include a Tiny Amount of Fat

Another approach to improve the flavor of your protein shake is to include some healthy fats, such as avocado or coconut oil. 

While these components have more calories than other options, they do contain healthy fats that may help the body produce more enzymes that burn fat.

  1. Think of using stronger tastes

Try using more potent spices like nutmeg or cinnamon, or richer flavors like cocoa or vanilla powder, to cover up the taste. Syrups without the added sugar that is meant for coffee or sodas enhance taste without changing the texture. 

Tasting notes: Blending fruits like bananas and strawberries with a dash of espresso and vanilla extract can help improve flavor. Try out different combinations until you discover one that suits you. 

  1. Try a Veggie Shake for a Flavorful Taste

Some people have nightmares about kale smoothies, but if you juice frequently, you might adore them. Protein powder is excellent with any green vegetable, including spinach, spirulina powder, and zucchini. 

To increase the savory flavor and thicken the smoothie, add a spoonful of nuts and seeds. Add sliced strawberries or bananas, or sweet veggies like beets or carrots, for a little sweetness to counterbalance the flavor.

  1. Drink it immediately

Protein shakes taste best when consumed right away when the flavors are at their peak. Store in the refrigerator for a few hours if not using right away. Recall that, to avoid spoiling, drink the mixture within two hours if it is not refrigerated after mixing. 

Even though not everyone likes the taste of protein shakes, there are ways to make getting the essential protein for exercises and muscle building easier, like by following these instructions. 

What to Mix with Protein Powder to Make It Taste Good: FAQs?

What Should I Do If I Don’t Like My Protein Powder?

Your fitness aspirations shouldn’t be derailed by the flavour of your protein powder. You may also bake it into muffins or pancakes, or use it with your oatmeal or morning smoothie. Use your imagination and savor the advantages of this supplement!

Which ingredient works best when combined with protein powder?

Pour some milk powder in.
Juices made from fruit. 
drinks in a smoothie. 
peanut butter.
Greek yogurt.

Can I make my protein shake with coffee in it?

The protein powder can first be combined with a little amount of warm water. When your mixture is ready, add your hot coffee.

Does the number of calories increase greatly when fruits are added?

Fruits include calories, but they also contain a wealth of vital elements. In either case, discretion is usually advised when consuming them.

How frequently should I clean the bottle on my electric shaker?

Cleaning it after each usage is advised to prevent bacterial accumulation and preserve the flavor of your shakes.

Which protein powder flavors have better tastes by nature?

This is random. Powders with chocolate or vanilla taste better to certain people. To find the one that suits your palette, try a few samples first.


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